About us

About us

Smile at West Park is a small family friendly dental practice, established in state of the art facilities. At the clinic the team creates individually tailored care plans for all patients with a strong emphasis on preventative care. The team is led by Dr Charlotte Morton who has successfully created an environment which the staff-patient relationship is personal and supportive. The team uses the latest techniques and are specialists in the area of preventative treatment. Our goal is to conserve as much healthy tooth as possible with a focus on prevention, remineralisation and minimal dentist intervention using frequent age appropriate oral health education, topical fluoride treatment and fissure sealants among other treatments.

Vanessa Ord - -

Going to the dentist was always scary for me and I avoided going. The careful and thoughtful work done by the staff at Smile has changed this. As a result, I don’t avoid going to the dentist anymore

The Taylor family - -

As always, helpful, friendly advice delivered with a smile. Thank you